counter Wedding planning book 2023: List of books to plan your big day.
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Wedding planning book 2023: List of books to plan your big day.

Wedding planning book
When it comes to orchestrating the ins and outs of wedding planning, the adage “organization is key” couldn’t ring truer. In a field where no detail is too small, and no task can be left to chance, the indispensable role of a wedding planning book is more than evident. Unlike their digital counterparts, these tangible treasures offer a physical haven for your lists, notes, and expert advice, ensuring that no aspect of your journey towards the altar is left uncharted. In a world inundated with screens, these books carve out a space where you can immerse yourself in the tangible beauty of wedding inspiration, flipping through pages that brim with elegance.
Wedding planning book

The 20 books we recommend

1. TheGiftStudioCompany Wedding Planning Book:

This planner’s treasure trove extends beyond standard checklists and budgets. Boasting over 140 pages, it houses wedding mood boards, spaces for planned looks, and insightful quizzes to streamline guest lists. The personalized cover transforms it into a cherished keepsake, while its portable 5 x 8-inch dimensions cater to on-the-go planning.

2. CreanlyGifts Greenery Wedding Planner:

For the meticulous couple, this planner’s eight tabbed sections span 170 pages of checklists, timelines, and vendor insights. A canvas for personalization, its customizable hardcover echoes floral designs and quotes, promising both utility and style during wedding appointments.

3. ThePaperMemory Our Wedding Planning Book:

With a choice of 20 cover colors and customizable gold accents, this planner shines bright. The hard cover and travel-friendly 6″ x 9″ dimensions house pages dedicated to contact lists, outfit inspiration and photo planning. Additionally, tabbed organization ensures that no detail gets lost, backed by a money-back guarantee.

4. BGregoryDesign Rose Gold Wedding Planner:

Designed for the consummate organizer, this planner flaunts eight tabbed sections, from budgeting to honeymoon planning. Its watercolor hardcover, embellished with rose gold foil, marries durability with charm, epitomizing functionality and aesthetics in a single package.

Wedding planning book

5. PaperPeachShop Grey Wedding Planning Book:

Adorned with a customizable gold foil cover, this planner boasts user-friendly checklists for budgets, deadlines, and more. Furthermore, its allure extends to dedicated pages for pre-wedding events like bachelorette parties and bridal showers. Additionally, its compact 6 x 9-inch frame, featuring a hardcover and premium materials, ensures resilience throughout the lengthy planning journey.

6. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer:

This comprehensive planner from The Knot melds form and function seamlessly. Tabbed dividers, calendars, and 144 pages orchestrate a symphony of organization. Removable stickers allow for customization, while its pockets and photos of table settings amplify its practicality.

7. Your Perfect Day Wedding Planning Book and Organizer:

With an abundance of positive feedback from buyers, this planner undoubtedly demonstrates its excellence. Notably, a contemporary marble design enhanced by golden spirals envelops its 132 pages. Not only does it feature countdown calendars, vendor lists, budget worksheets, and a honeymoon packing checklist, but it also ensures no detail is overlooked.

8. EttaVee Layers of Love Wedding Planner:

Vibrant and captivating, the EttaVee planner marries visual allure with organizational prowess. Customizable coil colors and personalization options make it truly yours. Compact dimensions, ranging from 12 to 18 months, make it an accessible and functional companion throughout your journey.

9. The Bride-to-Be Book:

Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s journal transcends logistics, delving into the realm of emotions and memories. It’s a romantic journey recounted through writing prompts like “When I realized he was the one.” Its compact form, coupled with a stunning cover design, invites spontaneous reflections during appointments.

10. Style Me Pretty Weddings:

Abby Larson, the driving force behind Style Me Pretty, offers a stylistic treasure trove focusing on fashion and beauty. DIY projects, style blueprints, and captivating photos embellish its durable hardcover binding. Pair it with a personalized planner for a harmonious blend of inspiration and practicality.

11. Pretty Jane Planners The Complete Wedding Planner For Brides To Be:

Embracing a rustic aesthetic, this planner resonates with the theme of your wedding. Wood and lace adorn its cover, while its pages cater to seating charts, menus, guest lists, and more. A keepsake beyond the big day, its paperback form reflects the rustic charm it embodies.

12. Storied Wedding:

Nick and Aleah Valley’s tome not only furnishes advice and checklists but also regales you with swoon-worthy imagery. Cocktail recipes, floral designs, and real couples’ stories abound, interspersed with a comprehensive Q&A. Its hardcover binding ensures it lives on as a source of inspiration for years beyond the wedding day.

13. The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer:

Jessica Bishop’s creation caters to budget-conscious couples, offering lucid insights into wedding costs and ingenious ideas for making every dollar count. This planner, available in both paperback and spiral binding, serves as an advocate for prudent planning.

14. The Must Have Destination Wedding Planner:

Lana Sharr, a seasoned expert in destination weddings, brings forth a paperback guide packed with indispensable advice. This compass for far-flung celebrations navigates critical facets such as scheduling events for guests and selecting photographers. Your getaway wedding just became a whole lot less daunting.

15. TwoCrewDesign Maid of Honor Notebook:

Amidst the whirlwind of wedding preparations, the role of the maid of honor often goes unsung. This planner extends a helping hand, offering tools like bridal shower checklists, toast ideas, and comprehensive duties. Its slim dimensions of approximately 5 x 8 inches, coupled with a chic marble design, make it a perfect on-the-go companion, even if its softcover isn’t as rugged as its counterparts.

16. The Wedding Book:

Delve into the annals of expert wisdom with this offering from the seasoned wedding planner Mindy Weiss. From vendor negotiations to lingerie choices, Weiss’ compendium provides budgeting tools, timelines, fashion insights, and more. While its checklist section may be modest, it harmonizes beautifully with a personalized planner for expansive planning.

17. The Essential Wedding Planner:

As the name suggests, this budget-friendly gem is brimming with checklists and timelines designed for every step of the planning process. What’s more, it provides practical worksheets that enhance collaboration between you and your partner. And after the wedding, its sturdy paperback format ensures it becomes a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Wedding planning book cake

18. All the Essentials Wedding Planner:

Alison Hotchkiss, a seasoned wedding planner, empowers you with 176 color-tabbed pages replete with charts, templates, and comparisons. This binder-style planner, with its three-ring design, promises ease of access to the treasure trove of planning insights it houses.

19. The Little Book of Wedding Planner Checklists:

Unleash the power of checklists with this compact book that encompasses detailed budget planning, ceremony coordination, and more. Its streamlined sections, intertwined with advice and inspiration, provide a pint-sized companion for appointments and fittings.

20. The Backyard Wedding Planner:

For those who are captivated by the allure of a backyard wedding, this planner stands as your guiding light. Above all, it adeptly navigates the intricacies of this distinct setting, providing worksheets for property walkthroughs, weather considerations, and equipment rentals. Furthermore, its paperback format, along with an illustrated cover, ensures it becomes a treasured keepsake long after the celebration.